Fountain of Truth Bible Institute

Christians are hungry to know more about the Bible, to establish solid foundations, and to be used of God in an effective manner. FTBI opens its doors for you to:

Deepen your knowledge — means knowing the Word of God in order to ground your faith in the Gospel that does not lose its original value in this postmodern world.

Sharpen your talents — God has given all of us talents and gifts. As the wise man said, “If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success.” (Ecclesiastes 10:10). FTBI will help you sharpen your gifts in order to be more effective.

Expand your perspective — Education, especially biblical education, broadens our vision in order to better understand life and ministry. The Christian experience includes more than just attending services and avoiding sin. FTBI will help you grow as a person, as a Christian, and as a servant-leader.


– Pastor Samuel Valverde

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FTC members: $60.00 per month
Non-FTC members: $75 per month.
Couples: $100 per month
Application and Registration: $30 for everyone

First Quarter (February to April 2017)
Course 1 (6 weeks): How I got my Bible
Course 2 (6 weeks): A General Introduction to the Bible

Second Quarter (May to July)
Course 3 (6 weeks): The Epistle to the Romans
Course 4 (6 weeks): The Epistle to the Galatians

INSTRUCTOR: Jorge Medina

G. JORGE MEDINA has taught in Bible schools for 16 years. He has two earned Master’s degrees. The first is a Master’s in Theological Studies from Urshan Graduate School of Theology (UPCI) under the tutelage of David K. Bernard, and the second is a Master of Arts in Theology with a concentration in Biblical languages from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is the author of numerous books, including various used as reading requirements to obtain ministerial license; he is also one of the contributors to the study notes in the monumental Apostolic Study Bible. Lastly, Bro. Medina is the Director of Defenders of the Faith, a well-known ministry with a global scope.


• World Religions. A study of the basics of Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism to help our people understand why our beliefs are different and to customize their witness for more effective evangelism in our multicultural environment.

• Apologetics. A primer on defending the Christian faith, preparing our people to answer questions from atheists and other skeptics regarding proofs of the existence of God, creation of the universe, the inspiration of the Bible, the resurrection of Jesus, and refuting the theory of evolution.

• Epistle to the Romans. Considered as the most important doctrinal treatise of the New Testament, in this epistle Paul explains the significance of the Gospel in a world where Jews and Gentiles find themselves equally guilty in the eyes of a righteous God.

• Homiletics. The art of teaching. The course will treat both the process of lesson preparation as well as the delivery of the message. This process initiates from the gathering of ideas, through the deeper examination of the Bible text, to the appropriate illustration for your lesson or sermon, and to the application of the message to the lives of your listeners.

• Gifts of the Spirit. This course is a biblical investigation of the supernatural gifts of revelation, power, and utterance that God has granted us through the Holy Spirit.

• Biblical Hermeneutics. The art and science of Biblical interpretation. This is an introductory course that will guide the student through the necessary steps to reading and understanding the Bible on its own.

• Cults. A historical and doctrinal survey of the major Christian cults: Seventh-Day Adventism, Mormonism, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. This course will study their founders, source of authority (sacred scriptures), view of God and Christ, salvation, and peculiar doctrines.

• Soteriology. The Apostolic doctrines of salvation. This is essentially a course on the new birth of water and of the Spirit. The students will learn how to articulate a Biblical doctrine of salvation and to answer basic doctrinal questions on the matter.

• Acts of the Apostles. A systematic study of the book of Acts as church history and Apostolic witness to the first century church of Christ. The book of Acts gives us the only testimony to the spiritual practices of the church, their beliefs regarding water baptism, the name of Jesus, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit.

• The Four Gospels. A fascinating introduction to the message of the Evangelists with special attention to the “voice” of each and their particular emphases in their witness of Christ. The identity, ministry, and message of Jesus will be studied in a historically informed, scripturally based, and contextually grounded way.

• Evangelism. A biblical and practical course on what the Bible teaches about reaching souls for the Kingdom of God, the importance of outreach to the lost, and a scriptural study of sharing the Gospel to anyone anytime.



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